The Ultimate Solution For Last Mile Deliveries At Controlled Temperatures.

Improve your customer satisfaction by delivering thermo sensitive products on time, at optimal temperature, guaranteeing food safety and product preservation.

Market overview

During the last mile, parcel companies constantly break the cold chain, which infringes food safety regulations and damages food organoleptic properties.

Online grocery delivery network implies either heavy logistics assets and / or costly outsourcing, making online logistics operations highly inefficient.

But we have the solution ...

Competitive advantages

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New technology.

Our technology guarantees continuous control over the cold chain

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Fleet network versatility.

Total coverage of main cities thanks to a vast and versatile fleet (ease to transform in controlled temperature fleet)

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Reduce expenses.

We handle it all, no need to purchase vans or pay their maintenance costs

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Customers may track their order though our app and also check product temperature

Benefits for the client

Improves customer experience

  • The customer receives each order at the optimal temperature and at the scheduled time

  • The customer can track their order and verify temperature

Reduction of last mile delivery costs

Our advanced systems will empower you to integrate seamlessly and operate with maximum efficiency

Our Thermo Logistic Services

Here’s why your customers will love our delivery experience




2°C - 4°C


8°C - 15°C

However, we adapt our material to each client, being able to adjust every material to specific temperatures and capacities.

List of commitments to clients

Food Safety

Product Preservation




Best Customer Experience

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